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Supper Time

Posted on 26.08.2019 by Gardajas
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  1. Faulmaran says:
    Define supper-time. supper-time synonyms, supper-time pronunciation, supper-time translation, English dictionary definition of supper-time. n. 1. a. An evening meal; dinner. b. A light or informal evening meal, especially when dinner is taken at midday. c. A light meal eaten before going to bed.
  2. Vugis says:
    Unlike dinner, which doesn’t necessarily refer to a time, supper is a meal eaten in the evening. Trick to Remember the Difference. Here is a helpful tip to remember dinner vs. supper. Today, in the United States, many families use supper and dinner interchangeably to refer to a large evening meal.
  3. Vudoshura says:
    Dinner is considered to be the "main" or largest meal of the day. Whether it takes place at noon or in the evening is mostly a cultural thing. For instance, many people who grew up in the American South and/or on farms traditionally ate larger meals at noontime to give .
  4. Arashizil says:
    Definition of suppertime.: the time at which it is customary to eat supper.
  5. Gajora says:
    Aug 07,  · Suppertime definition: Suppertime is the period of the day when people have their supper. It can be in the | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  6. Arashijas says:
    Jun 07,  · [Verse 1] G C G Many years ago in days of childhood D7 G I used to play till evenin' shadows come C G Then windin' down that old familiar pathway D7 G I'd hear my mother call at set of sun [Chorus 1] C G Come home, come home it's suppertime D7 G The shadows lengthen fast C G Come home, come home it's suppertime D7 G We're going home at last.
  7. Jur says:
    Suppertime definition, the time at which supper is served, usually between the hours of 5 and 7 p.m. See more.
  8. Arashirg says:
    First time coming to supper time. I got the the spaghetti with meat sauce. I think $8 is a little much for pasta at a mall, but it sounded good. (Minus one star for pricing at a food court) I asked if they have a mall employee discount- because most food court places do- and he says "no /5(43).
  9. Maulmaran says:
    For a long time, that main meal was held during the middle part of the day, around or slightly after the time we would nowadays allot for lunch. What was then called supper was a lighter meal taken toward the end of the day.

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