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Posted on 14.01.2020 by Tami
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8 Responses to Codependent

  1. Kazratilar says:
    Codependency definition is - a psychological condition or a relationship in which a person is controlled or manipulated by another who is affected with a pathological condition (such as an addiction to alcohol or heroin); broadly: dependence on the needs of or control by another. Did You Know?
  2. Arashitaur says:
    Jul 03,  · It is a combination of immature thinking, feeling and behaving that generates an aversive relationship with the self (self-loathing), which the codependent individual acts out through self- destructive or unduly self-sacrificial behavior.” The term codependence can be a confusing concept. Trying to figure out what it means can be difficult.
  3. Arashilabar says:
    May 31,  · Some people may just have a slight preference for co-dependency, while others are fully engulfed in the codependent lifestyle. Co-dependence is one of Author: Maria Bogdanos.
  4. Faeran says:
    of or relating to a relationship in which one person is physically or psychologically addicted, as to alcohol or gambling, and the other person is psychologically dependent on the first in an unhealthy way.
  5. Daikazahn says:
    Codependency refers to a psychological construct involving an unhealthy relationship that people might share with those closest to them. It was originally thought to involve families of substance abuse but has since grown to include other types of dysfunctional relationships.
  6. Shaktijar says:
    May 17,  · Medical Definition of codependent: participating in or exhibiting codependency a codependant relationship The co-dependent spouse, for example, derives a purpose in life from the .
  7. Samuzilkree says:
    Codependent people have a greater tendency than others to get involved in unhealthy or "toxic relationships." This is when a partner is unreliable, emotionally unavailable or unstable, or overly needy/clingly. If you are a codependent person, you may repeatedly enter relationships with these kinds of .
  8. Mikara says:
    Dec 06,  · “Codependent” is one of those oft-used buzzwords that implies various levels of neediness in a relationship, or attachments tinged with a hint .

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